Python caught chilling on shelves at Walmart in Bloomington

 Python caught chilling on shelves at Walmart in Bloomington

Nothing says "Happy Tuesssssday" like a sneaky snake found slithering through a Bloomington Walmart.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — "Stressed and slightly spicy." That's how Bloomington Animal Care and Control described a young python that was found hanging out on a shelf in a local Walmart on Tuesday. 

You read that right, a python was found hanging out at Walmart. Luckily, a good Samaritan saw it and called animal control officers to go pick it up. 

Animal control officers say it's unclear how the sneaky snake, who they've named Wolverine, ended up at America's favorite supercenter. Maybe it just wanted a snack? Or was looking for a new heated rock to decorate its enclosure?

Regardless of how it got there, animal control graciously gave the snake a new place to stay... one that's far away from people shopping for groceries. 


Now, Bloomington Animal Care and Control says Wolverine is in the market for a forever home!  

Wolverine would do best with an experienced snake owner. Animal control said the snake is "a bit stressed and slightly spicy" but is getting used to being handled and will likely be able to relax more in a calmer environment. 

Anyone interested in adopting young Wolverine should fill out an application on Bloomington Animal Care and Control's website. 


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